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Lash series episode 2

Last week in our lash series I spoke about Lash extensions; as I’ve said before Christmas time is the season of lashes, although we have these treatments all year round the look of a fuller lash really makes the eyes pop with the glittery makeup of the festive season. But how do we choose which type of lash treatment to have to get the look we desire. As I said last week there are so many different types of lash treatments out there and it can be overwhelming to choose which is going to work best for you.

 To recap last week’s blog post I discussed the different types of lash extensions going from classics, to hybrids and finally to russians if you’re brave enough. This week I am going to talk about the lash lift and tint, another lash treatment that enhances your natural lash without adding any other materials. There is obvious risk to both lash extension and a lash lift treatment as many worry that it may harm the natural lash in the long run. However, if applied properly by a licensed professional the risk of this is very low so there is no need to worry but it’s important to do your research before getting the treatment done. That’s where we can help, with the Beauty Book platform you can search and compare all the lash technicians in your area on just one website instead of jumping from website to website of different beauty salons to find the information you need. 

So let’s get to it! The lash lift, what is it? How is it different from lash extensions? Which one should I choose? 

Well the Lash lift is essentially a perm of your natural lash, unlike lash extensions the lash lift alters the shape and colour of your natural lash by boosting and lifting each of your individual lashes before tinting them to gain a darker, fuller and longer looking lash. This main difference between these two lash treatments is that the lash lift gives an enhanced look upon your natural lashes whereas the lash extensions is often used to present a more dramatic effect. Many find the lash lift more comforting if they have never had a lash treatment before, it can be viewed as dipping your toe in the lash treatment pool before you take the plunge of more full on lash extensions.

A lash lift treatment lasts about four to six weeks depending on the speed of your natural lash cycle, this is also an attractive difference to the lash extension as there is no need for infills after the three week period which can become expensive and difficult to maintain. The disadvantage of lash lifts that many have to consider when making the decision is that your natural lashes can’t be lifted if they are too short. Your natural lash must be at least 4mm long to get the treatment, so if you find yourself with lashes shorter than this and are looking to lengthen your lashes it’s probably best to choose a lash extension treatment as opposed to the lash lift. 

When talking about the lash lift we’ve got to include the lash tint that goes with it, many choose to have these treatments together yet it is not essential. The lash tint treatment includes adding a special dye to your eyelashes giving you the look of darker fuller lashes without needing the assistance of mascara. Getting the treatment is pretty quick and painless which is always a plus, it takes about ten minutes of a technician applying the dye to your natural lashes whilst your eyes are closed. When having this treatment it is advised not to use any oil based moisturisers, face washes or oil based products as this will break down the tint faster, clients can still choose to wear mascara with the treatment but the aim is that they will not need to. 

Again with the lash tint treatment doing your research is essential, make sure you have a licensed lash technician and they are using safe products so before you get any of these treatments done vital you have a patch test at least 48 hours before, all insured and professional beauty therapists will make sure you do this anyway to both protect themselves and their clients.  Lash tints can however, damage your eyelashes and dry them out, it’s often compared to dying your hair as the dye will strip the natural moisture of your hair. Therefore, both hair dying and lash tinting is safe but should be done in moderation as the more you get your lashes tinted the dryer they will become. 

So there you have it now the lash lift and tint is added to your list of lash treatments to company, as I said with the lash extension making this decision really depends on how much you want to enhance your lashes and the type of look you’re going for. This may also depend on the occasion you may choose to have a regular lash lift throughout the year and mix it up with something bolder during the festive season. 

Tell us which treatment you would choose either for everyday use or when your getting dressed up for an occasion?  

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