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Packages we offer to help
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We help you get noticed, fill you calendar, be organised & repeat every day, on one easy to use platform.

'Get Started' Package

£11.99 per month

'Premium' Package

£17.99 per month


How do I sign up?

The sign up process is quick and easy! Just choose a package and fill out your details then you can create your unique profile adding all of your treatments and giving them individual detail that customers can only gain at your salon. We also offer added assistance when setting up your individual treatments as we know it can be overwhelming depending on how many treatments you have.

I don't have a website, does this matter?

Not at all if anything your personal profile on the platform can act as a website for you without you having to worry about the upkeep a website requires such as SEO and Google ranking.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee to remove your profile with us you however do have to give one months notice before you would like to leave and we will help adapt any negative feedback within this time.

Why do you not have a booking system?

In our market research when starting this project we found that many Beauty Therapists and Hair Stylists would prefer to use the booking system they already have in place rather than having two separate ones that could cause confusion. This is not to say we are not considering adding one in the future, you can gain enquiries through the site and customers will be linked to your preferred method of contact to book their treatment.

How will the extra social media exposure in the premium package help my business?

The extra Social Media exposure included in the premium package consists of likes, comments, tags, shares and reposts. this will increase the engagement of your current posts. Reposts on our social media platforms will present your content to not only your followers but the followers of the beauty book gaining your business a higher following and interest

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