National winter skin relief day!

Happy New Year everyone, the start of a new year brings so much promise both personally and professionally for many people. In the UK it also tends to bring the COLD weather which if I’m honest I’m not really a fan of. Not only do I hate the cold but it really does affect my skin. I don’t know about you but during these bitter winter months I really feel like my skin dries out and I lose almost all the moisture I had before, especially when my lips begin to crack resulting in painful scabs and sometimes even bleeding. 

So why are we talking about this? 

We are talking about winter skin because today January 8th is National Winter Skin Relief Day! 

This day reminds us that our skin is more at risk during the winter months so we need to take extra care of it to ensure we are not feeling insecure because of these changes or are in pain due to dry cracking skin.  The dropping temperatures outside and often increased heating usage inside really reduces the moisture in the air and our skin is not impressed! The makers of CeraVe Skincare founded National Winter Skin Relief Day to bring awareness to all the extra attention winter skin needs.  

So what can we do to fix this? 

From our research we have found a few recommendations to stop the effect of the cold weather on our skin. 

When the cold sets in try to avoid the temptation of taking those long hot showers as the heat strips the skin of its natural oils which leads to inflammation of the skin cells causing swelling when the skin dries loosening the skin, definitely not what we want! 

Instead, it’s advised to take shorter, lukewarm showers and use gentle cleansers on the skin instead of harsh high PH level products. And be gentle. Remember not to scrub too hard as this can have the same negative effect on the skin, be gentle with the cleansers and let the water softly wash it away. 

When you have finished your enjoyable yet lukewarm shower keep the bathroom door closed to trap in the humidity, again be gentle when drying your face, do not rub your skin with a rough towel as this can cause more unnecessary irritation. 

When getting ready for the day wear layers, making sure the closest layer to your skin is made of natural fibres and soft fabrics like flannel or cotton causing little irritation compared to other synthetic fabrics. 

It doesn’t stop there, make sure you MOISTURISE both in the morning AND at night this is so important during these winter months as mentioned before the moisture is being stolen from our skin from the cold weather! 

Last but definitely not least don’t forget about your LIPS, I will put my hands up and say I am so guilty of this, leaving my lips cracked over the winter months often becoming painful and even picking the dead skin myself is an awful habit to have. Yet, choosing the right lip moisturiser is also a difficult task, so make sure to choose one with hydrating ingredients and a long lasting formula to keep those lips looking and feeling fresh this winter. 

So Happy National Winter Skin Relief Day everybody I hope you’ve found these tips and hints useful and start recognising and taking care of your beautiful skin this winter. 

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