Why The Beauty Book

With everything going on in the world at the moment, it doesn’t surprise me that people ask why? Why the Beauty Book? Why have we created this platform now of all times? 

There are simple answers to these questions and that is, we’ve created this platform because we understand the hardships of owning a beauty business and want to help those around us achieve their goals without breaking the bank. 

If you haven’t heard of us yet, don’t worry I’ll catch you up! 

If you love the Just Eat food delivery platform and whether we choose to admit it or not, we know we all use it for those secret cheat days throughout the week. And you love beauty well we’ve put the two together to create a platform with the same structure and focus of Just Eat but for beauty Initially being exclusive to the Kent area.  

We want to help expand the access of beauty in Kent to all customers, how many times have you gone to search for a new Beauty Therapist or Hair Stylist and spent hours going through google clicking from one website to the next checking reviews prices etc; well trust me I have a number of times and it’s not fun. Choosing a Beauty Therapist or Hair Stylist is a difficult task, you want someone you can rely on, someone you can trust and connect with. 

Well now you can do this in half the time! (I know this will be a lifesaver for me) potential clients will now have the opportunity to search and find their local treatments ON JUST ONE PAGE!!!!!!! 

Whether this be aesthetic treatments, lashes, massages, nails, SPMU, brows, hair plus many more. A customer can enter their location in Kent, add their chosen treatment and scroll through the results page comparing prices, reviews and location before they even look at the salons website. All the information they need is right there and if what they’re seeing doesn’t suit their needs, just scroll on past. 

However, this business isn’t just about the customer. We prioritise the beauty business owner and they may also be asking why should they choose us? Not only is the Beauty Book platform making life easier and quicker for the customer to find you, we take NO PROFIT from the treatments found through the platform. 

This is the perfect marketing tool for your business to succeed, for just £11.99 a month you can create your individual profile promoting not only everything your business has to offer but the unique experience your service provides both new and loyal clients. Not only is the Beauty Book clearly a bargain to create your profile and enquiries from new clients it  will increase the organic traffic to your website, which lets be honest is always a difficult task to achieve on your own. We also have included a rotation of ranking! The results page of every search will be randomised meaning there’s no one salon at the top of the list giving everyone the chance to succeed and stand out to the audience, unlike Google rankings and SEO which if you have a website I’m sure is always nagging at you in the back of your mind. 

You may be thinking wow this sounds interesting BUTT I’m not even finished yet. 

One of the best parts of this new platform and my personal favourite is our premium package available to all beauty business owners. For just £17.99, so basically an extra fiver you can gain added social media exposure for your business from the Beauty book themselves. WHATTTT? I know amazing, this means that your social media content will be reposted, tagged, engaged with and shared by the Beauty Book so you are not only reaching your followers with your amazing content but your reaching everyone that follows the platform as well potentially doubling your reach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram which is invaluable in growing your business. 

So there you have it: everything you need to know about the Beauty Book, our customer benefits, our business benefits. Everything is right here for you. 

Within this platform we have created a community of beauty professionals who are already involved and we’d love to include you, we don’t just sign you up and never speak to you again we want to build a relationship with you because whether you believe me or not we actually care about your business and helping you succeed especially with everything thats going against the beauty industry at the moment. 

So drop us a message, give us a call, send us an email, lets get in contact even if you want to just have a chat, if you need help adding your treatments or setting up your profile our team is here to help with whatever you need to get those results READY for when you WILL reopen your doors to the public. 

Now is the perfect time to create a shining marketing tool for your business and get those clients queueing out the door on December the 2nd.

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Beauty Book 365
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