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A gel manicure involves a dry manicure in which your cuticle area is tidied up and prepped. Gel polish is then applied and cured under a UV/LED lamp. I have a few brands of gel polish that I use, for example one of my most popular brands is Gelish which is vegan and animal cruelty free.
The benefits of having gel polish compared to normal nail varnish is that it will last longer than nail varnish and there will be no chipping. The gel layer makes it more difficult to break a nail as it is a hardened layer ontop of your natural nail.
With a gel manicure you do not need any down time to allow the gel to set as it has been cured. There is no chance of smudging it once your treatment is complete, unlike nail varnish.
Gel manicures are easy to remove and I remove them for free if you are having another gel application by myself, otherwise there is a fee. In the interest of your nail health I do not remove other people’s work as I would not know the condition of your nails underneath the gel polish and would not want to risk damaging any nails further if there was an issue.
Gel Nails- £20.00
Gel Toes- £20.00
Gel Nails & Toes- £35.00
Removal of gel (my application only) : £7.00 however removal is free if gel is being reapplied.
Nail art/glitter/ Swarvoski: 20p-£1.00 per nail to be discussed at appointment.

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